Wow Festival

On the 15th July, young people from the Refill Program hosted an interactive installation called ‘In Tents’ at the 2017 WOW Festival. Children were asked to spin a wheel, which would land on a word: ‘light’, ‘fortune’, ‘space’ or ‘story’. They were then taken to a tent to participate in an activity related to this word. Activities included fortune telling, absurd storytelling, glow in the dark scupture making and light graffiti.

Art Pathways Program

A short behind the scenes clip of Miller Technology High School’s recent excursion to the Casula Powerhouse as part of the Art Pathways Program.

This video was captured by a small team of young people from Miller who are learning about documentation.

Miller Technology High School – Art Pathways Program – Aug 2017 from Curious Clients on Vimeo.

Glowing Time Lapse

Young people at Miller facilitated activities for children and young people at this year’s WOW Festival. Here is a glowing space time lapse they made using glow in the dark plasticine and inviting children to create buildings, animal life and infrastructure to a new alien planet.

Surreal Art

Young people from Miller Technology worked with artist Caitlin Newton-Broad to explore surreal art techniques such as the Exquisite Corpse game and blind folded drawings. They then developed these into beautiful watercolour paintings.