ReFILL 2019 on the record!

Patterned NatureAdam McPhilbin is one of CuriousWorks’ talented screen content creators. As a teen, he was part of the “A Team” at Miller Technology High School – a media production team of young people –  where he built skills in camera, editing and directing. During high school he was also getting involved in community media projects with CuriousWorks. Since graduating in 2015, Adam has been an incredible source of high quality, hard work and has been a peer-mentor on the ReFILL Program. In 2019, he captured chapters from ReFILL in Workshops,  at the WOW Festival, when Junglefy visited the school and On excurison to AFTRS.

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ReFILL 2019: Workshops

ReFILL: Commission for Way Out West Children’s Festival

ReFILL 2019: Junglefy visit Miller

ReFILL 2019: AFTRS to make a movie

Enjoy this wrap of the year!

Wall Design for Junglefy

Young people worked over a session thinking of ways the Welcome Wall could represent the school community, the Cabrogal totem – the Goanna and the creativity of young people! As a school team we are working towards sharing a plan with the Principal for a whole of school process to transform the welcome to the school and to highlight our natural environment.