Wall Design for Junglefy

Young people worked over a session thinking of ways the Welcome Wall could represent the school community, the Cabrogal totem – the Goanna and the creativity of young people! As a school team we are working towards sharing a plan with the Principal for a whole of school process to transform the welcome to the school and to highlight our natural environment.


ReFILL’s World Building

The culmination of this term has been finishing a range of mysterious creations – including paper puppets, modelling finger puppets, clay figurines and landscapes – combining to create THE WORLD as imagined by ReFILL young artists!

Here are some exports from the spinning worlds we have captured…..

IMG_20191201_165231_020 (2)IMG_20191201_165232_847 (1)

And here are links to listen and explore the MOVING WORLDS



Diorama – landscape for 360 world

In Term 4, alongside our developing design for Junglefy – we have been working steadily on a landscape for our animations to live in. This magic diorama made up of blended individual artworks – will be filmed on Friday 22 November with an Insta360 camera. The results will be uploaded to the school’s Oculus Go Headsets for CAPA night….. so we can keep exploring the possibilities of art, imaging and scenario creation for VR/AR.Diorama 360

Welcome Wall begins with Junglefy

Term 3 was an exciting time to begin a conversation with the Living Architecture experts – Junglefy! Earlier in the year ReFILL had reached out to Junglefy with our theme of STEAM in Nature – exploring the environmental aspects of life, art and public spaces. Young people began to identify the places in the school that might need renewal. Teachers were also involved – requesting that young people consider the Welcome Wall of the school that needs some major renewal. Designs and ideas began!

Potted History of toggerai/Georges River

Carlos Gomes (mosaic maestro and trainer for WOW Festival’s Edible Country) and Caitlin Newton-Broad  (novice) spent two days preparing the big pot for the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre garden and food forest. Using the artwork created by ReFILL’s young artists, combined with the tiles created by children during WOW, we begin to see a rich mosaic of young people’s perspectives on nature, Australian history, animal life and the colours of the river!

We had so much artwork – we could also create a smaller mosaic for the school to keep in its entrance!