Cardboard Catapults

As part of the Miller STEAM project, participants made their own cardboard catapults.



Universum Mobili

Universum Mobili is an art + science wonder cart developed for the WOW Festival this year through CuriousWorks ReFILL Program.

Created by young people 12- 13 years from Miller Technology High School, it got pretty nice feedback from kids and parents alike.

“It’s just like a mini-Questacon” “My kid keeps coming back – fascinated by everything”
“How do we get this program happening in our school?”

Thanks to the vision of Claudia Chidiac (WOW Festival Curator) and Sally Atkins (MTHS Student Voice Advocate) and Sarah Emery, lead artist of ReFILL.

All the artists and teachers on ReFILL strive to bring wonder, opportunity and fun to the young people of Liverpool.


Spirographs combine art and maths. The patterns that they create depend on three variables: the radius of the fixed disc, the radius of the revolving disc, and the location of the pen on the moving disc. Today, students at Miller experimented with spirographs by creating as many different patterns as they could in a short period of time.



As part of the ReFill ‘STEAM’ program, students combined maths and art to create their very own mandalas. As part of this exercise, they explored symmetry, repeating patterns, and shape.