ReFILL Term 3 Reflections

What a term it has been! The Year 7 students were amazing to work with. Each student was uniquely creative and with assistance from Caitlin, Huy, Arash and Samantha, created some amazing work together.

During Term 3, Adam McPhilbin captured the process of our Term 3 workshops. He interviewed a few students from the class to talk about their experience throughout the workshops, and they also shared what their favourite activities were. 

Shadow Puppets

In our last official workshop for Term 3, Year 7 created shadow puppets, inspired by traditional Indonesian Wayang shadow puppetry. With help from Caitlin, Huy, Arash and Samantha, the students each created their own unique puppets from scratch, using paper, pencils, watercolours and split pin templates, which they later performed in a shadow puppet performance extraordinaire at the end of the class. Turning off the lights and using torches to project their creations onto the blinds was lots of fun and a great way to end ReFILL’s T3 workshops. See you in T4!

Exploring Earth and Light Worlds

In last week’s workshop, the Year 7 class split into two groups and explored two different worlds. Inspired by different artists and architects and using abstract materials, the groups created Earth and Light spaces.

Working with Caitlin and Arash, the Earth group modelled out Earth lanterns using clay and used natural materials such as leaves and sticks, to press against the lanterns to create interesting patterns. Each clay lantern was unique to the individual, including Aaliyah’s lyrebird – and is ready to be fired.

The second group worked with Huy and Samantha to create cubes that explored shape, space, motion, colour, light and shadow. The first cube was an abstract model using different sized styrofoam balls which the students wired together with fishing lines. The second cube was wired with different lines going vertically, diagonally and horizontally, and the students used strips of different coloured tissue paper to hang across the wiring.

Huy’s Online 3D Model World

Due to Covid-19, the artistic process and outcomes for GENerate 2168 in 2020 has been revised from community-based to online. In light of the restrictions, our plan is to develop an interactive, digital 3D model and ‘blueprint’ of a potential gallery space that visualises the presence and imaginations of young people in Miller. Through a co-design process, we hope to share young people’s desire for a safe space outside the school environment where they can relax and express their creativity.

Huy Nguyen is an experienced Creative Digital Designer, and facilitator in this term’s ReFILL workshops. Each week, Huy is creating and experimenting with a digital 3D model, inspired by Year 7’s artworks made during this term’s workshops. 

Light, Architecture and Colour

In week two of our T3 ReFILL workshops, Year 7 students began to explore light, space and colour through art and architecture. To start off the lesson, students used watercolours to explore painting, using different techniques and vibrant colours. Later, Samantha showed the class a presentation of artists and architects from around the world, and we noticed the different mediums and materials they used to create interesting spaces. The students were intrigued and inspired by the Earth architecture from different parts of the world and by artists like Do Ho Suh, James Turrell and many other wonderful creators.